The Best Disc Golf Gift Ideas

Best Disc Golf Gift Idea

With the holidays fast approaching, are you still searching for disc golf gift ideas? No worries! We’ve put together the ultimate guide to disc golf gifts so you can spoil the disc golf enthusiasts in your life. 


The Best Disc Golf Gifts

We carry a comprehensive range of disc golf products to make your holiday shopping easy. Here are our top recommendations for the best disc golf gift ideas. 


Popular Golf Discs

Want to buy golf discs but aren’t sure which ones to choose from? Here’s a look at some of the most popular golf discs in our collection: 

  • Innova Beast Distance Driver — The Beast boasts high glide and high speed and is perfect for novice players working on their distance or pros looking for a tailwind driver. 
  • Latitude 64 Diamond Opto — Buying for a disc golf beginner or child? The Diamond is a perfect choice! Designed to be lightweight and easy to control, this disc offers an understandable flight path and great glide. 
  • Latitude 64 Ballista Distance Driver — The Ballista distance driver offers the ideal combination of speed and accuracy. With its dependable flight path, it’s a must in any disc golf bag. 
  • Dynamic Discs Deputy Putter — For short-game improvement, the Deputy is a perfect choice, especially for players with smaller hands. 
  • Kastaplast Kaxe Mid-Range — A predictable, multi-purpose disc that is ideal for forehand shots, 1-disc rounds, and control shots.
  • Innova Caiman Mid-Range Driver — The Innova Caiman is a great choice for a disc that offers a smooth feel and the perfect power for forehand throws. 

Overwhelmed by all the disc choices? Feel free to contact our team anytime and we’ll walk you through the best golf disc for the player you are buying for. Or, grab one of our gift cards and treat your favourite player with the ability to pick for themselves. 

The Best Disc Golf Starter Sets

Do you know a beginner disc golfer who needs their discs? Get them started right with a disc golf starter set

Our starter sets offer everything needed to hit the course right away. Designed with beginner-friendly disc combinations, disc golf starter sets can help newbies fast-track their progress in the sport. 


Disc Golf Apparel

For newbies or seasoned disc golfers, the right apparel matters. We carry a range of lightweight, high-quality tees to keep players comfortable and stylish on and off the course. Whether playing a hot summer round or simply lounging around the house, players will appreciate comfortable apparel that shows off their passion for the game. 

One of our favourites of the year is the high-quality, 100% cotton 2022 Disc Golf Warehouse Skull Boy Tee. With original artwork by local Fremantle artist The Design Skeleton on the back and the DGW shield logo on the front, choose from an array of colour combos that offer equal parts style and comfort.

We also offer the Discmania Original Tee, a poly/cotton blend shirt designed to be extra comfortable to wear and perfect for rounds in warm weather. 

Disc Golf Equipment 

Whatever disc golf equipment you’re looking to buy, we have it! You’ll find everything you need for disc golf gifts for anyone on your list. 

For beginners, we highly recommended a disc golf starter set or disc golf bag

For truly obsessed players, how about a big purchase such as a portable disc golf basket? With easy, no-tools-needed assembly, it can be put together or taken apart in a minute or less. This sturdy disc golf basket is the perfect training tool for players that want to practice away from the course and elevate their game. 


Disc Golf Accessories

Golf discs are one of the most important pieces of equipment for the game, but sometimes it’s the accessories that make all the difference. 

If you want to buy disc golf gifts that help a player stay comfortable and focused, here are our recommendations for the best disc golf accessories:

  • microfiber disc towel is a stylish, functional way to keep discs clean and dry, even during the muddiest rounds. 
  • Chalk Bag keeps hands dry instead of clammy and sweaty so disc slipping is no longer a worry.
  • face shield is an easy way to protect the skin and keep it dry on cooler days.
  • Dynamic Discs Classic Burst Engraved Judge Mini Bar Stamp — This mini marker moulded like the popular Dynamic Discs Judge measures 4 inches across and offers style and flair when marking a lie on the green or fairway. 
  • The Infinite Discs Knee Pad Mini offers multiple functions and is a must-have disc golf accessory for players of all kinds. It serves as a soft cushion for the knees, works as a mini marker, or makes the perfect “stress mini” for squeezing away tension.  

Disc Golf Gift Cards

Know a disc golf enthusiast but aren’t sure what to get them? If you’re stuck when it comes to disc golf gift ideas, our gift cards make it easy! Simply choose the amount and leave the choice of disc golf products up to them. 

Our gift cards make the best disc golf gifts for avid disc golfers and beginners alike. Beginners can chat with us and get personalised recommendations on the best disc golf starter sets and pros can stock up on the exact equipment they need. 


Disc Golf Gift Ideas

Disc Golf Warehouse offers all the best disc golf gifts to make your holiday shopping easy. Whether you are buying for a beginner disc golfer or an advanced player, our golf discs, disc golf apparel, disc golf baskets, and accessories will suit any age or ability level. 

If you still aren’t sure what to buy the disc golf lover in your life, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Let our team know a bit about the person you’re buying for and we’ll help you select the perfect disc golf gifts for them!