Top 10 Disc Golf Courses Perth - Everything You Need to Know

Top 10 Disc Golf Courses Perth - Everything You Need to Know

10 years ago, you may have never even heard of disc golf. Now, this sport has a community that just keeps on growing.

For years, there was only a single disc golf course in Perth. Fortunately, the rising popularity of the sport has resulted in disc golf locations across Perth becoming more widely available.

Here’s a glance at 10 Perth disc golf courses to check out. For convenience, we’ve listed the disc golf courses in order from beginner-friendly to advanced.


Top 10 Disc Golf Courses Perth

Dick Lawrence Oval Disc Golf Course

Suburb: Fremantle

The Dick Lawrence Oval Disc Golf Course is free to play and offers a great option for beginners and intermediate players alike. With varying changes in elevation, this course offers just the right amount of challenge.


Chichester Park Disc Golf Park

Suburb: Woodvale

Chichester Park Disc Golf Park is the perfect disc golf course if you are brand new to the sport. This beginner-friendly course features an average hole length of under 60 metres and a total of 18-baskets to get you plenty of practice. The course is free to play — so get in all the throws you want!


Mandurah Disc Golf Park

Suburb: Mandurah

The Mandurah Disc Golf Park is another excellent option if you are looking for beginner disc golf courses in Perth. With 9 baskets and beautiful views, this free course is an ideal way to get involved in the sport.

Afternoons can get a little windy here, so opt for a weighted disc to counteract the breezier conditions. For intermediate players, a couple of longer holes provide the chance to challenge your skills.


Taylor Reserve Disc Golf Park

Suburb: Victoria Park

If surroundings are a priority when you play, the Taylor Reserve Disc Golf Park is a must-see. The Perth skyline serves as the backdrop for this picturesque 9-basket course.

With a mix of trees and technical holes, this is a wonderful disc golf course for intermediate and advanced players looking to hone their skills.


McFaull Park Disc Golf Park

Suburb: Spearwood

McFaull Park Disc Golf Park is a solid option for players of all skill levels. Each hole features separate pars to suit different abilities. The blue course is suited to advanced players and the red course is tailored to beginner and intermediate players.

Although trees are few and far between on this course, the changes in elevation and out-of-bounds spots offer a fun challenge.


Curtin University Disc Golf Course

Suburb: Bentley

Offering Australia’s first university disc golf course, Curtin University features a 9-basket course with a setup that appeals to all skill levels. If you’re a brand new player and do not have your own disc golf equipment yet, you can rent out gear for $10.


Alexander Heights Disc Golf Park

Suburb: Alexander Heights

The Alexander Heights Disc Golf Park offers free play and a good mix of terrain for beginners and advanced disc golfers alike. This shorter course may only have 9 baskets but it doesn’t skimp on difficulty. Beginners will want to stick to the wooded areas and pros will enjoy the challenge of the open holes.


Fantasy Park Disc Golf

Suburb: Waikiki

Fantasy Park Disc Golf is another excellent beginner-friendly course. This newer disc golf course is free to use, great for families, and offers a total of 9 baskets. With two tee positions at each basket, players of all skill levels and ages can enjoy 18 different holes.


Rob Hancock Memorial Disc Golf Course 

Suburb: Greenwood

Is disc golf slowly starting to take over your life? If so, the Rob Hancock Memorial Disc Golf Course may turn into your new favourite spot.

While this course is great for all skill levels, intermediate players will especially enjoy the challenge of this course. As the home of the Perth Disc Golf Club, this is also an excellent spot to find other players who are just as enthusiastic about the game as you.


Mundaring Disc Golf Park

Suburb: Mundaring

Mundaring Disc Golf Park is Australia’s first professionally planned 18-basket disc golf course. For $10 per person or $20 per family, players can get unlimited play.

The course features tees tailored to all ability levels, making this an ideal course for beginners all the way to seasoned pros.


Disc Golf Courses Perth

If you want to learn more about the disc golf Perth community, the Perth Disc Golf Club and the Mundaring Sporting club are excellent resources.

Offering tournaments, league days, and events, these organisations are a great way to meet other disc golfers in Perth and stay up to date on local disc golf events.

The ADG (Australian Disc Golf) website also offers a wealth of disc golf resources for everyone from newcomers to seasoned players.


Want to Learn More About Disc Golf?

Whether you are brand new to the sport of disc golf or have been playing for years, these Perth disc golf courses offer something for everyone.

If you’re interested in learning more about disc golf or need advice on equipment, feel free to contact us. We offer a comprehensive range of disc golf products, offering everything from beginner discs and starter sets to baskets, distance drivers, and more.

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