Exploring the Best Disc Golf Starter Sets for Beginners

Starting your disc golf journey on the right foot begins with selecting the perfect disc golf set tailored to beginners' needs. Let's explore some of the top options available:

Innova Disc Golf Set - The Classic

Since its inception in 1983, Innova Discs has been a pioneer in disc golf innovation. The Innova Disc Golf Set remains a top choice for beginners, offering a comprehensive selection of discs designed to enhance your gameplay. Choose from different weight classes to match your skill level and preferences.

Key Features:

- Wide range of weight options suitable for various age groups and skill levels.

- Superior durability and performance, backed by years of industry expertise.

- Includes essential discs for mastering different aspects of the game.

[Watch a video review of the Innova Disc Golf Set](https://youtu.be/T7Buk1Hn8jM)

Innova 5 Piece Disc Golf Set - The Complete Set

For beginners seeking a complete disc golf experience, the Innova 5 Piece Disc Golf Starter Set is the ideal choice. This set comes with everything you need to kickstart your disc golf journey, featuring a curated selection of PDGA-approved discs designed to enhance your skills and understanding of disc flight dynamics.

Included Discs:

- Leopard (Under-stable driver)

- Teebird (Stable driver)

- Mako3 (Under-stable midrange)

- Roc (Stable midrange)

- Aviar (Putter)

Each disc in this set is carefully chosen to provide a well-rounded experience, from stability variations to the legendary Aviar putter, ensuring that beginners can progress swiftly in the game.

Latitude 64 Advanced Starter Set - The Next Level

Enter the world of disc golf with confidence with the Latitude 64 Advanced Starter Set. This comprehensive set includes three of the most popular discs from Latitude 64, providing new disc golfers with the tools they need to excel on the course.

Included Discs:

- Putter: The Latitude 64 Pure included in this set offers reliable putting performance, essential for mastering the green.

- Midrange: With excellent control and accuracy, the Fuse is perfect for navigating tight fairways and approaching the basket.

- Driver: A highly praised control driver, the Saint delivers excellent distance and accuracy, making it a favorite among amateurs and pros alike.

The Retro Burst Saint is known for its straight-shooting capabilities, making it an ideal choice for drives up to 350 ft. With excellent glide and stability, the Saint is the go-to driver for players seeking precision and consistency on the course.

RPM Discs Starter Set - Versatile Performance

Ideal for beginners to advanced players, the RPM Disc Golf Starter Pack is designed to get you out on the course throwing a variety of shots in no time. Crafted from RPM's Strata plastic, this set delivers reliable performance at a great price for players at every skill level.

Included Discs:

- Pekapeka Fairway Driver

- Piwakawaka Midrange

- Ruru Putter

RPM Discs Premium Plastic Starter Set - Elevated Performance

For players seeking premium performance from their disc golf equipment, the RPM Premium Disc Golf Starter Pack is the perfect choice. Crafted from a combination of RPM's high-quality Cosmic and Atomic plastics, this set offers enhanced durability and superior flight characteristics.

Included Discs:

- Pekapeka Fairway Driver

- Piwakawaka Midrange

- Ruru Putter


Each disc in these packs is meticulously crafted to provide consistency and precision on the course, making them ideal companions for beginners and seasoned players alike.


Selecting the right disc golf set is the first step towards enjoying the game to its fullest. Whether you opt for the timeless classic of the Innova Disc Golf Set, the comprehensive offerings of the Innova 5 Piece Disc Golf Set, or one of our many other options, rest assured you are investing in quality equipment that will start your disc golf journey on the right foot 

Ready to embark on your disc golf journey? Explore our collection of beginner-friendly disc golf sets and gear up for unforgettable rounds on the course!