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Viking Disc Starter Set

Viking Disc Starter Set

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Regulation weight (170g-172g) ideal for 16 years and older.

Conquer the course with the new Viking Discs Starter Set. One of the most affordable starter sets on the market comes with the Rune as the straight easy to use putt and approach, the Axe as the midrange with a nice consistent fade, and the Ragnarok as the driver that will give some of the most consistent s-curves in the game. All of which come in Viking's base Ground plastic. This starter set is perfect for beginners just getting into disc golf or maybe even someone just looking to get into the Viking brand.

This set contains:

  • Rune 2 | 4 | 0 | 0 (Putter)
  • Axe 4 | 3 | 0 | 1 (Midrange)
  • Ragnarok 11 | 5 | -1 | 2 (Driver)

NOTE: Disc and stamp colours are as pictured below. Also disc weights can vary but are generally in the most popular range 170 grams - 172 grams

Plastic Types:


The Ground plastic has been designed to offer great grip in any weather: hot, cold or even rainy. The material is flexible and sticky also compared to other plastics it does have more glide. In time Ground plastic will straighten and you can add another one to your cycle to keep lineup simple.


Durability, performance and stiffness will make discs maintain same long time.  All Storm plastic have clear metal shine color appearance. The plastic stay stable even used heavily wooded courses and holes. You can swipe dirt off from it but it won´t take any battle scars!


Durability, performance and flexibility offers improved grip with high quality resistance. Great choice for all-round plastic. Works well in changing weather conditions. This plastic is designed for players needs.