Innova 5 Piece Disc Golf Starter Set

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Innova 5 Piece Disc Golf Starter Set comes with everything you need to start your disc golf journey and is perfect for beginning players.

Disc golf discs come in a range of “stabilities” or the ability to turn left or right whilst flying through the air.

The Innova 5 piece disc golf set comes with both stable and under stable discs as well as the best-selling putter of all time, The Aviar.

This combination of discs is designed to help the thrower understand the different flight characteristics possible within disc golf and too fast-track their progress within the game.

The 5 piece set includes these PDGA approved Innova discs;

Leopard, Under-stable driver
Teebird, Stable driver
Wombat3, Under-stable midrange
Shark, Stable midrange
Aviar, putter

About DX plastic - discs are affordably priced and provide an excellent grip in all types of weather conditions. Over time, DX discs will take on new and varied flight characteristics that stem from their use. They start out more overstable, but with use will match the flight ratings. With continued use, they'll eventually become more understable than the ratings.

Please note: disc colour varies and will not necessarily match the disc colours in the image pictured, discs are sent without package unless requested (comes with Beginner set box). Please make a note if you require packaging. 

 NOTE: Disc and stamp colours can vary from the photos. Also disc weights can vary but are generally in the most popular range of 165 grams - 170 grams