Elevate Your Disc Golf Game with Thought Space Athletics: Exploring Plastic Types and Discs

Are you ready to take your disc golf game to the next level? Look no further than Thought Space Athletics, a company dedicated to merging sport and art to elevate both mind and body on and off the course. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the various plastic types and disc offerings from Thought Space Athletics, providing insights to help you choose the perfect gear for your game. From Aura to Ethereal, Nerve to Glow, discover how Thought Space Athletics can enhance your disc golf experience.



Plastic Types:

1. Aura:

- Aura plastic offers an opaque blend of premium polymers, providing high-end durability and exceptional hand feel. With the largest selection of vibrant colors, Aura discs not only perform but also stand out on the course, making them a favorite among disc golfers seeking both style and substance.

Thought Space Discs - Aura

2. Ethos:

- For consistent flights time and again, look no further than Ethos plastic. This transparent blend of Thought Space Athletics' most durable polymers ensures reliable performance round after round, making it a trusted choice for players of all skill levels.

3. Ethereal:

- Ethereal plastic introduces a pearlescent blend of polymers, offering the same high durability as Ethos plastic with an added emphasis on grip. With Ethereal discs, you can enjoy enhanced control and confidence in your throws, allowing you to tackle even the most challenging courses with ease.

Thought Space Discs - Ethereal

4. Nebula Ethereal and Nebula Aura:

- For a visually stunning aesthetic, consider Nebula Ethereal and Nebula Aura plastic blends. These premium polymers feature a captivating "burst" visual effect, elevating not only your game but also your style on the course. With Nebula discs, you'll turn heads while achieving peak performance.

5. Nerve:

- Grip it and rip it with Nerve plastic, Thought Space Athletics' grippy premium baseline blend. Offering a neutral flight with natural wear, Nerve discs provide the versatility and reliability needed to tackle any shot with confidence.

Thought Space Athletics - Nerve

6. Glow:

- When the sun sets, let your discs shine with Glow plastic. This bright, semi-transparent glow-in-the-dark blend of polymers ensures high durability even in low-light conditions, allowing you to extend your disc golf sessions well into the night.

Thought Space Athletics Mana - Glow

Thought Space Athletics: A Legacy of Innovation:

Founded in 2012 as an apparel company, Thought Space Athletics has since evolved into a powerhouse in the disc golf industry, driven by a passion for creativity, quality, and innovation. From humble beginnings to a fully-fledged disc golf manufacturer, the company's journey has been marked by a commitment to pushing boundaries and elevating the sport through art and design.

With Thought Space Athletics, disc golf isn't just a game—it's a lifestyle. Whether you're seeking premium plastic blends for optimal performance or eye-catching designs to express your unique style, Thought Space Athletics has you covered. Elevate your game, elevate your style, and stay elevated with Thought Space Athletics. Discover the difference today and take your disc golf experience to new heights.