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Thought Space Athletics Votum - Aura

Thought Space Athletics Votum - Aura

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  • 7 Speed
  • 5 Glide
  • 0 Turn
  • 2 Fade
Select Weight & Colour/Stamp:
166g - Green/Green & Red Stamp
166g - Yellow/Leopard & Green Stamp
168g - Pink/Blue & Gold Sytamp
171g - Red/Purple & Blue Stamp
171g - Yellow/Purple & Blue Stamp
172g - Purple/USA & Pink Stamp
172g - Pink/USA & Green Stamp
172g - Pink/Silver & Red Stamp
173g - Red/USA & Pink Stamp
173g - Red/Green & Blue Stamp
173g - Green/Blue & Red Stamp
174g - Red/Green & Blue Stamp
174g - Red/Leopard & Green Stamp

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The Votum is a great fairway / distance driver crossover disc at a speed that anybody can handle. It is designed to be a go-to driver for shots that don't need excessive fade and will become workhorse in the bag for players desiring reliable distance and placement on the fairway.

Designed to be a stable counterpart to our first fairway driver the Mantra, the Votum handles power for a straight flight with reliable fade at the end.

Meditation Behind the design:

Meditation is a process to clear ones mind, being present in the moment and finding your center. A lot of those principals we found true with the flight characteristics of Votum. Find the center of the fairway, be present for every shot and find piece of mind.

Pegasus Behind the design:

Our "Pegasus" design came from the early telling's in Greek mythology of how anywhere the winged horse's hoof struck an inspiring spring came to be. One of the most notable was the Hippocrene Spring or "Horse's Fountain" on Mount Helicon which was said to provide inspiration to those who drank it.

Oni Inside Behind the design:

Our "Oni Inside" design was created to show a duality between physical beauty and ones inner demons. We are all experiencing life together but we do not know the personal struggles each other faces and how our interactions with others will effect them. Be kind, be present and be mindful as it is easier to destroy something than to build it up!

Speed: 7 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 2

Plastic Types:

Thought Space Athletics disc are made by MVP.

  • Ethos - Similar to Proton plastic
  • Aura - Similar to Neutron plastic
  • Ethereal - Similar to Plasma plastic


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