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Disctroyer Skylark Mid-Range Driver - Disc Golf Warehouse

Disctroyer Skylark Mid-Range Driver

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  • 5 Speed
  • 5 Glide
  • 0 Turn
  • 2 Fade

Skylark is an overstabe mid-range disk. With the Skylark you can trust your throws to fade back to the left. The disc holds the throwing line well and has a slight turn when flying upwind. For a beginner's the Skylark will finish to the left, and for the more advanced player, it's a universal mid-range disc that can perform different throws in any weather.

Speed: 5 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 2

Plastic Type:


A-Soft plastic is the most flexible of the three and has excellent grip even in cool and rainy weather. Discs from A-Soft are less stable than discs from the other plastics and they do not skip at all or do it minimally,


A-Medium plastic is moderately flexible and keeps a good grip even in cool weather. Discs are less stable than A-Hard plastic discs but more stable than A-Soft plastic discs. They are suitable for both forehand and backhand player.


A-Hard is minimally flexible plastic. A-Hard discs are more stable than the others and skips more than A- Medium and A- Soft discs. They are first choice of forehand player.

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